First time use

1. What comes in the box?

30Seven® includes a charger, the necessary batteries and the product heating system in the box.

2. Should I fully charge the battery to function?

Use the provided charger to charge the battery. The battery does not need to be charged fully charged to function. 30Seven® batteries have no down side or memory to them. 


3. How do I wash the clothing?

First and always remove the batteries.

Use the provided washing bag for the products with a removable "Nova Heat" system. This way the wires will not get tangled up in the washing machine.

4. How do I remove the heating system?

Baselayers and jackets have a removable heating system so it can be washed in the added washing bag. Socks have a removable heating element as well.
This can be re-installed with the supplied guidance needle. Attach the DC plug into the needle and pull it from the bottom towards the top.

5. Can I use washing detergent or bleach on my products?

Yes, washing detergent is allowed to be used, but can damage the natural leather of the gloves.
Bleaching is not recommended and may ruin or stain the product.


6. How long does it take to charge the batteries?

The batteries take a total of 4 hours to charge fully.
In two-three hours the battery can reach an 80% charge. 

7. How many times can I charge my battery?

The battery life is good for 1000 full charges. The battery capacity may decline but still holds up to 1000 chargers. Your batteries are covered under a 2 year warranty within acceptable use.

8. Can I use another charger to charge my battery?

No you cannot. We only recommend the supplied charger to charge our batteries. Using another charger may affect the batteries life and can affect your safety. Products will lose their warranty when damaged by other chargers. Battery damage can be detected when returned for warranty.

9. How long does a charged battery last?

The batteries life depends on the heating level they are set to.
Glove batteries will last:

  • 5 hours at the lowest heat level,
  • 3.5 hours at a medium level of heat,
  • and 2.5 hours at a high level of heat. 
10. Can I charge my battery on US current 110 Volt?

Yes you can. All of our products come with a conversion piece so the charger can be used on 110 to 240 volt. So even on your next trip to the Tour of Flanders you can use our products.

11. Where do I place the battery in my gloves or jacket?

For the heated gloves there is a small zipper pocket at the cuff of the heated glove. When opened you will find a wire inside the gloves that connect the battery.

For the jackets and baselayers you will find a pocket on left and right where the batteries fit in. These products include two batteries for the lower and higher heating zone.

12. Can I use the batteries from my glove in my jacket or baselayer?

Yes you can. The glove batteries won't last as long since the capacity is smaller, but it does make the baselayer lighter. Do not use the larger baselayer batteries in the heated gloves. This could result in a broken zipper since the pocket is not made large enough for them.

13. Do I need to disconnect the battery during a break?

As long as the battery is connected to the heating element, it continues to consume power even when it is not enabled. Therefore we always recommend disconnecting the heating element if you no longer using it (eg. during lunch, a break).

14. When do I charge the battery?

It is recommended to (re)charge the battery only shortly before actual use (eg overnight), as a battery still loses capacity even if it is not enabled. This chemical process takes place in each battery and cannot be avoided.

15. Should I remove the battery immediately after charging?

A Lithium-Ion battery cannot be overcharged, so it can easily withstand a night stay in the socket, although it only needs 4 hours for full upload.

16. How do I store my battery?

Before you put the battery (eg after winter, a ski trip, the MTB season) aside for long term storage, it is important to fully or partially charge it.
This recommendation is based on the described chemical process which does discharge your battery.
If you do this carefully, the battery will have a guaranteed longer lifespan.


17. Can the heating system over heat?

No it cannot. We have the safest technology on the market with a 0.8 % return rate. Our products never over heat or cause burn wounds. It is impossible for Nova Heat® technology to be a danger to your safety.
If a battery overheats or malfunctions, stop using it immediately and contact us. Lithium batteries should not be tampered with or miss used.

18. What if I fall into water?

There is no product on the market as safe as ours:

  • From the battery to the glove there are safeties build in to our products to protect you.
  • By using 7 v low voltage batteries we support the safety for our customers even more.
  • Our technology is also water resistant and can be machine washed and dried with the exception of the batteries.

So water is NOT our heated clothing's enemy.

19. Are the products safe on impact?

Products produced by 30Seven do not protect you from impact.
We protect you from cold. The "Nova Heat" technology is developed for active lifestyle and ready to perform during the job it’s designed for.

If your job or activity is open to heavy impact please contact us. This way we can talk about your needs and find a solution.


20. Can I ski with cycling gloves?

We receive this question more often since the cycling gloves are great for movement and are lightweight.
However, cycling gloves are not manufactured for handling the ware and tare of skiing. The ski's may cut the lighter fabric when picking up your ski's.
This ware is easily detected and will fault your warranty agreement.

21. How should the baselayer be worn?

For the highest heat efficiency to be obtained, wear the baselayer on top of your undermost layer and below any jacket, fleece, or outer layer.

The material composition & breathable structure of the baselayer is carefully selected and chosen to function for optimal moisture regulation within a 3-layered dressing code.

22. Can I use the heating system from the baselayer in my jacket?

Yes you can. The Nova Heat® system is removable and interchangeable between the jacket and the baselayer.

23. How I do make the soles fit in my shoes?

You can cut the heated soles on the lines that are printed on them. Staying within these lines will not damage the heating system of your soles.

24. Which gloves are waterproof?

All gloves are water resistant but only some are waterproof. The cycling gloves pro edition, the ski gloves, the motorcycle gloves, and the industry gloves are waterproof.

25. What should I do if the glove gets cut?

Please understand our gloves and other products are not cut resistant. We use strong long lasting materials that are needed specifically for the sport or profession they are meant to be used in. The product will last 2 years under acceptable use within the sport category they are produced for.
The 30Seven® Nova Heat® technology has many safety features build in. They protect you from shortcuts, water damage, overheating, impacts, and more. Still when a product is damaged due to an accident we do not recommend using them anymore.

26. How long does the clothing keep me warm?

The autonomy of the battery depends on the temperature level which it is turned to.

Highest heat level

  • When turned to the highest heat level, the heat can reach up to 80° in the top zone (shoulders and neck), and in the bottom zone (kidneys and lower back)the heating element will heat to 63°. This maximum power is only needed for limited time, especially to heat up your body at start-up. In this mode, the battery autonomy is about 1u45min for the top area, about 2 hrs for the bottom zone. This time, however, depends on external and body temperature and moisture levels, and possible aging of the battery (after frequent recharging).

Lowest heat level

  • In the lowest heat level the heat can reach up to 40° at the top zone (shoulders and neck), at the bottom zone (kidneys and lower back) to 33°. This mode offers the body a durable comfort temperature and thus will be for most people sufficient for prolonged use. In this mode, the battery autonomy is about 7 hrs for the top area, about 8 hrs for the bottom zone. This time, however, depends on external and body temperature and moisture levels, and possible aging of the battery (after frequent recharging).

In practice we have found that after numerous tests the effective autonomy of the battery is about 5 hrs, this is of course highly dependent on personal preference as well as temperature and humidity environment.

About 30seven®

27. Where are the products made?

Products are made in Belgium. Some of our clothing items are made in other locations in Europe. The Nova Heat technology is produced and installed in-house.

28. How to contact us?

For more information about the product itself contact us.

For more information concerning licensing our technology in your next product development or other business opportunities contact: