The advantage of ski mitts is how warm they are: they are better at retaining your own body heat than gloves that separate your fingers. Of course, you can move your fingers more easily in gloves and that’s not all:

Some ski gloves are so thick and large that there’s scarcely no difference with mitts with regard to freedom of movement. A lot depends on the size of your gloves and the type of lining.

Like taking photos of winter landscapes to make your friends back home jealous? If so, gloves remain your best option. You will be able to operate the camera without exposing your hands to the biting cold.

Heated ski gloves and mitts

Both the 30seven® heated ski gloves and mitts are equipped with NovaHeat heating technology. There’s a button on the gloves themselves to set the desired temperature.

Uniquely, NovaHeat is powered by a rechargeable battery. After a wonderful day on the slopes practising your Ollies and Fakies, you simply recharge the battery.
Next morning, after a good night’s rest, you will be able to count on warm hands on the slopes again.

Heating elements are placed on the back of the hand, on the palm and in the fingertips.

But that’s not all, because the gloves are reinforced with sturdy material where grazes and cuts are more likely to occur.

So you see, 30seven® skiwear is a total solution for every skier and snowboarder. You can concentrate on the newest tricks, while we make sure you are safe and comfortable.