30seven® is the global expert in heated clothing for outdoor and professional use. Formed in 2006, we have our head office in Belgium. More than a thousand dealers in more than 13 European countries sell 30seven® electrically heated clothing. And there’s so much more to 30seven® than cycle wear. 

Our heated clothing is indispensable whether you’re walking, skiing, motorcycling, hunting, fishing or doing any other outdoor activity. 30seven® electrically heated clothing has been tested by professional cyclists, who experienced the benefits of cycling without cold hands or feet.

Pol Speleers, cofounder of 30seven®:

"Cycling is one of my favourite sports in summer and in winter. But I always had freezing-cold hands and feet on long winter treks through Flanders. I had the idea of making my own heated gloves and insoles, powered by a small, light battery. Based on many years’ experience developing car seat heating, I designed the world’s first safe, durable, washable heating system: Novaheat®."